Breast Reduction

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What is a breast reduction?

A breast reduction, or Mammoplasty reduction, is a procedure for women who have enlarged breasts and who are suffering from multiple physical symptoms as a result. A breast reduction decreases the size of the breast and gives a woman their confidence back in that the breast will be proportionate to their body size.
The excessive weight of the breasts can cause neck and back pain, along with problems with posture and painful skin irritation underneath the breasts. Other issues include, shoulder grooving from bra straps and pain in the breasts. For these reasons, health insurance may cover the breast reduction surgery on most occasions. A personalized consultation with Dr. Payne will determine this. Your goals, are his goals.

How can a breast reduction benefit me?

A breast reduction procedure is a life-changing event for women with large breasts because the patient will notice an improvement in pain, soreness and skin irritation. Women will also enjoy fitting into clothing that is more proportionate to their body type.

What to expect during a breast reduction surgery:

Dr. Payne uses two types of surgical approaches, depending on the size of the breast and the amount of tissue and skin reduction required. This can only be determined with an in office consultation, since no one body is alike.

What to expect after a breast reduction:

The breasts after surgery will appear to be high or elevated in comparison with the appearance before surgery. This is done intentionally because the breasts will settle with time. It takes several months for the final results of the breast surgery to be seen. Compression garments and surgical bras are used to help support the breast post operatively and control any swelling that occurs. Incision care and possible drainage tubing care will be needed. Dr. Payne and his staff will go over these instructions with your care provider after surgery.


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