Chin Augmentation or Reduction

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Chin Augmentation

What is a chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape and add fullness to the chin. This can be done either by enhancement with an implant, or by repositioning the bone structure.  Chin implant can be a life changing procedure for people because it affects their social life, and helps them gain confidence in their appearance.

How can a chin implant help me?

Chin implants can increase the size, proportion and shape of a chin that is small or lacks proportion to the rest of the face. It can help add structure to a small chin, and help make it a more distinct feature. It can increase a patient’s confidence in that it will improve facial balance.

Who is a good candidate for chin augmentation?

Patients who have a small or receded chin area benefit from this cosmetic procedure. Chin surgery helps provide a harmonious balance to your facial features so that you can feel confident about yourself and the way you look.

What are my options?

Chin augmentation is a relatively simple procedure, and Dr. Payne will decide if an implant or bone advancement is right for you.

Chin implants: Chin implants are done under general anesthesia, and Dr. Payne will customize the implant to fit you seamlessly. Chin implants are a permanent and beautiful way to add size to your chin area.

Bone advancement: osseous genioplasty is a bone advancement held in place with plate and screw implants. This procedure is done for larger chin advancement.

What to expect after chin augmentation surgery:

After chin augmentation, the chin is wrapped and bandaged to minimize any swelling or discomfort and to protect the area. Dr. Payne will check on the area during your post op clinic visit to ensure that everything is healing properly.

Will I bruise or scar with chin augmentation?

There is usually some bruising, and this is completely normal and will begin to subside after two weeks. Scarring may occur but is usually hidden and heals nicely with proper care. The scars will be hidden either inside the mouth near the lower lip or under the chin. Dr. Payne will walk you through the entire process and our team will provide post operation instructions to help you have the best recovery process possible.

Chin Reduction

What is a chin reduction?

Chin reduction surgery is a medical procedure to reduce the bone and tissue around the chin area.  This procedure will give the appearance of a balanced look to the face with a more flattering and aesthetically pleasing jaw line. 

Who can benefit from a chin reduction?

Anyone who feels like their chin is too large or too prominent can benefit. If your chin is larger than the proportions of your face, and you wish for a smaller more even chin, then you may want to consider this procedure. Dr. Payne will evaluate your personal needs and walk you through what your chin reduction will look like.

Dr. Payne can reduce your chin and give it a more natural shape. He has extensive training in craniofacial and maxillofacial surgery which takes into account every detail. He will work to shape your chin and to bring balanced to your face.

Chin reduction surgery targets these areas of concern: the bone length or size, and the skin along with the soft tissue surrounding the bone.

What to expect during chin reduction surgery?

Chin Reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Typically, the incision for a chin reduction surgery is underneath the chin to allow for reducing the bone as well as the skin and soft tissue. The incision will heal either as a straight line scar or an upside down “T” shaped scar. These types of scars heal favorably and are difficult to notice.

What to expect after chin reduction surgery?

The average time for recovery is about 2 weeks and there is usually minimal swelling that resolves in 4-8 weeks. You can expect to have a natural profile that is proportionate to your facial features. 

How much does a chin reduction cost?

Every person is unique so an evaluation is needed in order to properly estimate cost. However, most chin reductions will cost anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 depending on factors like anesthesia and hospital fees.

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