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What Is a Facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a type of facial plastic surgery used to restore one’s natural beauty after experiencing the effects of facial aging. As we age, our face will begin to appear tired, sunken, and droopy. These issues can be embarrassing, but with the help of a facelift, they don’t have to be permanent.

Dr. Eric Payne will bring back a youthfully rejuvenated and refreshed appearance by using innovative facelift techniques that minimize and conceal scarring to bring youthful fullness back to your face and tighten the skin.

Dr. Payne’s attention to detail, drive for perfection, and extensive experience in plastic surgery make him the surgeon you would want operating on your most important feature: your face.

Facelift Before and After
Facelift Before and After

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Your Facelift Consultation

The first step in the facelift process is your consultation. During a consultation, you and Dr. Payne will discuss your aesthetic needs and goals. He will tell you more about the details of the procedure and the recovery process, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have.

During this consultation, Dr. Payne will perform an examination. He will need to know your complete medical history, including any allergies, past facial procedures, and any medications you are currently taking.

What to Expect During Facelift Surgery

A facelift is performed under general anesthesia at a state-credentialled facility alongside a board-certified anesthesiologist and surgical staff. Patients will typically go home the same day. In certain cases, the patient may have to stay in the hospital overnight.

Dr. Payne will make delicate and precise incisions in the natural creases and contours of the face. After removing excess tissue, he will bridge and reposition the skin and the muscle to create a naturally rejuvenated appearance that will last against the test of time.

A facelift can be paired with a number of other facial procedures, including an upper and lower eyelid lift, forehead lift, fat grafting and/or a neck lift. This allows for more comprehensive facial revitalization.

Such a pleasant experience! Such a great staff! And Dr Payne is such a nice young man! No waiting! Everyone I was in contact with were just so polite and gave me the feeling that they were there to assist me-the patient!
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What to Expect After a Facelift

Facelift recovery time will vary from person to person. You will wear a face wrap or bandage to reduce swelling. Post-operatively, you will be required to return to the office the next day to change your bandages and wraps. If any sutures need to be removed, they will be removed by the first week.
Bruising and swelling should be expected; the time for these to subside is a case-by-case basis. On average, however, the bruising will go away after three weeks and the swelling takes two to four weeks to fully heal. Cold compresses can help with this process.

Patients can usually return to normal activities within 7-10 days. The best results from the surgery are usually noticeable by week 8. You can expect your results to be a natural and refreshed appearance.

Ready to Learn More?

Dr. Eric Payne has the years of experience necessary to get you the facelift results you’ve been hoping for. To schedule your informative facelift consultation, contact us today and set up an appointment.

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