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What is a Necklift?

As the aging process occurs, the elasticity of skin loses its strength, causing the skin around our neck to sag and droop. This creates an older appearance and sometimes what is widely known as a “turkey neck”. Additionally, this also gives us an appearance lacking definition around the jawline and chin. To correct this, a Necklift or a “ Lower Rhytidectomy ” is required.

What to expect during a Necklift surgery?

A Necklift is performed under general anesthesia at a state credentialled facility alongside a board certified anesthesiologist and experienced surgical staff. Patients will typically go home the same day, though in certain cases, the patient may have to stay in the hospital overnight.

Dr. Payne will make delicate and precise incisions in the natural creases and contours of the neck. He will remove any excess tissue, and in some cases remove excess fat with liposuction. He will then reposition the skin and if need be, tighten the neck muscles, a process known as a “plastysmalplasty”, to create a naturally rejuvenated and contoured appearance that will last against the test of time. A necklift can also be paired with a facelift to add a more reinvigorated and revived appearance.

What to expect after a Necklift surgery?

Recovery time will vary from person to person. You will wear a face wrap or bandage to reduce swelling. Post-operation, you will be required to return to our office the next day to change your bandages and wraps. There will be some sutures that are permanent to hold the neck muscles together, and there will also be sutures that will need to be removed within 5 to 7 days after surgery. Minimal Bruising and swelling should be expected. The timeframe for these symptoms to subside is unique for every patient. On average, the bruising will go away after three weeks, while the swelling will take two to four weeks to fully heal.

Patients can usually return to normal activities within 7 to 10 days. The best results from the surgery will be noticeable by Week Eight. You can expect your results to be a natural and refreshed appearance.


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